Biuged products obtained three patent certificates

Release date:2019-06-04

Recently, our products have obtained three patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

1. Original Intellectual Property Right and Initiated

For Bench UV Light Accelerated Aging Test Chamber, the length of lamp life depends largely on the design of the ballast. Bench UV Light operating under ordinary ballasts generally have a service life of about 2,000 hours, and the price of replacing a group of lamps (8) is about 5,000 yuan or more. In order to save the cost of UV aging test for customers, our company's Research-Development team has developed a domestically initiative ballast for Bench UV Light after nearly two years of research, which can greatly extend the life of UV lamps to 6000 hours.



2.The auto location clamping device for container

Coating engineers often use containers of different shapes or sizes when the materials are dispersed or ground at a high speed. However, the container clamping device of a general high-speed dispersing machine requires the tester to manually adjust the clamping mechanism according to the shape of the container, but it is difficult to ensure the shaft can be aligned with the center of the container.  "The auto location clamping device " invented by the Biuged's R&D team can solve this problem effectively and quickly. The container of any shape and size can be simply fixed in the center of the location by the specially designed clamping mechanism to the dispersing shaft.



3.The Dry Air Generator of Minimum Film Forming Temperature Tester

When evaluating the minimum film forming temperature of a polymer or emulsion, the chamber air state of the Minimum Film Forming Temperature Tester has a large influence on the test data. In order to quickly and easily obtain a steady state of dry air, the Biuged's R&D team introduced a high-performance dry air generating device that not only ensures the reproducibility and comparability of test data, but also makes the whole test process simple and reliable.



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