Biuged has recently conducted a skill level assessment for the Employees in the production line.​

Release date:2019-06-04

      For the production of paint testing instruments with many varieties, small batches and high requirements, the skill level of the first-line staff directly affects the production efficiency and the quality of the final product. The reason why the products of Biuged can maintain a strong competitive edge in the market, has a very strong relationship with our high-level, stable production team.


In order to speed up the company's training of skilled personnel and echelons, improve the professional skills of employees, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the production workshop staff, promote the improvement of production efficiency and product quality, and maximize the competitiveness of the company as a whole in the market, Biuged has recently conducted a skill level assessment for the Employees in the production line.


The company has established a specialized skill assessment team led by the general manager and chief engineer. According to the skill level of the workers, the workers are divided into three levels, namely senior technicians, intermediate technicians, and junior technicians (temporary workers and interns are not within the scope of skill assessment),focusing on the familiarity and hands-on ability of front-line employees on mechanical and electrical products. The assessment is divided into theoretical examinations and practical examinations and the content is mainly includes some basic skills and production safety common sense used in assembling products in normal work,the examination questions database is jointly prepared by the engineering and technical department and the workshop teams.


How difficult is it to judge a senior technician in Biuged ? Here are the requirements of our company for senior technicians:

1. Ability to independently solder more precise electronic components such as single-chip microcomputers;

2. Understand the working principle of the company's various instruments and equipment, if there is a problem, you can find the reason in time and accurately.

3. Can understand the schematic diagram of the circuit and the wiring of the board;

4. According to the circuit diagram BOM, the related components can be soldered independently;

5. For the various problems that arise during the production process, it can be handled independently and in a timely manner.

6. Skilled in the basic functions of office software (such as word, excel, etc.).

7. Have superb professional skills and comprehensive operational skills, and be able to use professional skills and special skills to complete the complex work of this position;

8. Have strong ability to find and analyze problems, and propose larger process modifications more than 10 times per year (adopted);

9. High theoretical knowledge and operational skills in electromechanical engineering

10. In the company's organization of technical transformation, technical research and technological innovation,significant achievements in the handling and resolution of difficult technical problems and process problems in this position.

11. Continuously engaged in instrument assembly work for 8 years or more (or engaged in similar work for more than 10 years) and made outstanding achievements, good health can keep working properly(People who have outstanding advantages in electromechanical professional skills may apply for promotion and are not completely limited by the number of years of work).)

The conditions are harsh enough! Of course, in addition to this, you must also have these basic conditions,such as average score of more than 85 points in the previous quarter's quarterly assessment,enthusiastically teach or train colleagues' technology, skills,diligence and initiative, and no violations of discipline and law.


For employees who are rated as senior technicians, our company not only provides a very good development space, but also guarantees that employees can get rich annual salary and benefits. A high standard of skill requirements means a high standard of product quality, which is what Biuged has been persevere in many years.

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