Lab Horizontal Mill

Lab Horizontal Mill is an advanced wet process bead grinding machine for milling and dispersing to reduce particle size for paints, inks, pigment dispersion and other chemicals. It can achieve high milling efficiency and fine milling effect.
    Motor-driven feeding device internal high-speed rotation, a negative pressure, through self-absorption effect, placed above the feed tank material inhaled and sent to the grinding chamber. The discs drive the grinding medium inside the grinding chamber to do irregular movements in all direction to put the materials under the action of constant collision and friction. At same time, the materials are separated from the grinding medium by the sieve and keep circulation from the tank to the grinding chamber to obtain smaller particle size, narrower particle size range.



High milling-efficiency and good finenessBig kinetic energy drive zirconia working-pole to make the grinding medium move irregularly, crash with high-speed , abrase mutually etc,Can choose diameter from 1.4mm to 1.6mm zirconia beads
Convenient operationWith frequency converter, operator can start the machine and adjust working speed directly. Once pour sample into the hopper of machine, with automatic cycle fuction, the milling work can be finished automatically.
Low temperature-rise during millingBoth of container and milling chamber are designed with double wall for cooling sample. Normally, the temperature-rise is less than 10, which effectively prevent sample changing because of high temperatureIt’s better to use a water chiller.

Long lift-timeThe whole machine is made up of stainless steel, more durable and easier to clean.

Capacity0.6L-5LStandard container is 1.2 L0.6L1.2L2L3L5L for option
Milling Chamber Capacity0.5 L
Motor Power2.2 KW
Working Speed0-3000 rpm
PowerAC 220V,50HZother power can be customized
Overall Size880mm×350mm×480mm
Ordering InformationBGD 758---- Lab Horizontal Mill

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