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Biuged Comes Back Winning High Praise and Full Harvest on CHINACOAT2017


     CHINACOAT2017 (the 22nd edition of the China International Exhibition for Coatings, Printing Inks and Adhesives) was finished successfully on 17th Nov. 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

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     There are thousands of raw materials and equipments suppliers not only from domestic but abroad attended CHINACOAT2017, and there are more than 30,000 specialized visitors participated this exhibition. CHINACOAT2017 brought a “GLUTTONOUS FEAST” for all the practitioners of coating, ink and adhesives industries; it is a high degree of specialization, high level exhibition absolutely. 
     Founded for about 30 years, Biuged always focus on supplying the most professional and precise laboratory test instruments and best service for coating, paint, and ink industries. By tens years of continuous effort, now Biuged is a top brand and fully recognized by customers of domestic and abroad.
     There are several test instruments suppliers for coating/ink attended CHINACOAT2017, only Biuged booth was almost overwhelmed by visitors. Biuged’s booth attracted visitors over the world by our high cost performance products, professional and enthusiastic service; we discussed the new technologies, the new trend of developments and new experience of coating/ink test instrument. More than 80% visitors of our booth are the regular customers according to the statistics from our sales department, it shows that Biuged is fully recognized and believed in the world. Many network Medias, such as HC360 reported Biuged’s booth about our unique design of booth, products to be highly attentioned by visitors and booth to be full filled by people, its make the influence of Biuged improved once more in this industry.
     Biuged got full harvest through three days exhibition of CHINACOAT2017. Biuged will keep the heart of thanksgiving in the days to come, continue to develop and design more new products, and continue to improve our products and service. Biuged will create future hand in hand with all customers, and Biuged will return in glory on CHINACOAT2018 in Guangzhou, Biuged is waiting for your visit again.

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