Multifunctional gloss meter (new)

BGD 514 Multifunction Glossmeter is developed for foreign market . It has many characteristics such as precise measurement, powerful function, stable performance, easy operation etc.



 Conform StandardsISO 2813ISO 7668ASTM D 523ASTM D 2457DIN 67 530JIS Z 8741BS 3900BS 6161 etc.

 Calibration AutomaticallyWhen turn on the glossmeter, it will measure standard board automatically and finish calibration.

 Specially designed scroll wheel is easy to use, let the operator enter quickly different operation menu.

 Intelligent USB InterfaceUse standard Mini-USB, no need to install any software. Measurement data is stored automatically with Excel format , and also can be transferred to computer or mobile phone at any time. Easy to use and very convenient.

 With data storage and querying functionsSuper capacity for data storage space, can store one million groups data, and can store for decade

 MultifunctionCan set any measuring times for one sample and calculate its average value, set auto shut-off time, buzzer etc.

MultilingualChinese, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French

 Many measuring angle modes for chooseSingle angle measuring mode20º or 60 ºor 85 ºand multi angle measuring mode20º& 60 ºor 60 º & 85 ºor 20º60 º85 º);

 Ultra-low power consumptionOne AA alkaline battery can measure continuously for more than 20,000 times.

 Come with calibration certificate.

 After serviceOne year warranty and lifelong maintenance.

BGD 514

BGD 514-05.jpg

BGD 514-03.jpg

Measuring Range

20°   02,000GU

60° 01,000GU

85° 0160GU

Accuracy≤ ±1.2GU

Zero Error≤ 0.1 GU

Stability≤ 0.2 GU/30min

Annual Variation of standard board≤ ±0.5 GU
 Measuring Area20º:8.5mm×10mm 60 º:16mm×10mm   85 º: 35mm×5mm

Power SupplyOne 1.5V aa alkaline battery
 Dimension155mm×48mm×85mmincluding holder, L×W×H

Ordering Information
BGD 514 /1---Multifunction Glossmeter60°)
BGD 514 /3---Multifunction Tri-Glossmeter

Introduction & Operation Video

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