Automatic Flash Point Tester

BGD 240 Automatic Flash Point Tester is designed by rapid equilibrium closed cup method. It can rapidly test flash point of coating, paint (water-based paint), varnish, lacquer base, adhesive, solvent, Fatty acid methyl ester(FAME), chemical reagent, flavor, spices, solid chemical products, viscous chemical products, , air fuel oil, petroleum and related products.

It conforms to ISO 3679ISO 3680ASTM D 3278ASTM D3828 etc



 Can detect the flash point at a specific temperature between -35 and 105 BGD 240/1or RT  to 105 ℃(BGD 240/2at average rate heating.

 All functions are achieved through the membrane keypad and digital display.

 Users can select the built-in test procedures or set its own test parametersalso can modify the preinstall program to implement custom non-standard test.

 Built in two test proceduresrapid balanced mode and average rate heating mode

 Various parameters, such as the heating mode, time, temperature and the average rate heating can be set by the user themselves.

 Planning board action, the decline of the ignition, the detection of flash point is done automatically.

 A voice is prompted to user at each operation, at the end of the test there will be voice prompts, too.

 The gas ignition sources can be provided directly by the laboratory, you can also use the portable butane gas tank.

 Built-in cooling module is used to shorten the cooling time between the two tests.

      Amend barometric pressure automatically

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Main Technical Parameters

 Flash Point Temperature Range: For BGD 240/1:-35℃ to 105℃;For BGD 240/2: RT to 300℃

 Tested Flash Point Temperature Accuracy: 0.5

 Sample Volume: 2ml 

 Heating Rate: Customize, quickest speed 5℃/min, longest duration 99min, highest temperature 100℃ (300℃)

 Cooling Method: Built-in cooling module (without external cooler 0℃~100℃)

 Output Interface: Computer RS232, printer (optional)

 Size: 400mm×220mm×170mm

 Net Weight: 6 KG

 Operate Temperature: 15℃~35℃

 Power Supply: 220/240V,50/60Hz

 Come with Accessories: Steam source regulation component,Silicone tube,2ml injector,Thermometer 0~100℃,O-Type Seal Ring(5pcs)

 Optional Accessories: Special injector for high viscosity(thick)sample,Powdery object injector 4ml injector,Stand oil of Flash Point (49.7℃)      

 Ordering Information:  

BGD 240/1---Automatic Flash Point Tester(-35~105℃)   

BGD 240/2---Automatic Flash Point Tester(RT~300℃)

 Optional Accessories: 

Special injector for high viscosity(thick)sample,Powdery object injector 4ml injector,Stand oil of Flash Point (49.7℃)

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