Micrometer Adjustable Applicator

Release date:2019-06-04

The preparation of uniform thickness coatings is a basic condition for the performance testing of coatings. At present, although there are many kinds of film-making tools available for coating engineers or quality inspectors, these film-making tools often only provide one-thickness coating preparation, and different products and different application scenarios often require different kinds of coatings, so many laboratories have to buy a variety of thickness specifications of the film applicator.


The adjustable applicator solves this problem with two adjustable precision differential heads, which can be selected from any thickness from 0 to 5000 microns in a gradient of 10 microns.


The Biuged has been launching the product since 2008 and has been in business for ten years. In order to improve the customer's work efficiency, our company is now officially introducing a digital display adjustable film applicator, which can quickly and accurately set the gap depth of the film scraper, and directly display, greatly facilitating the user's film making work.


Directly adjust the nuts on the two differential heads until the screen shows the required thickness


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