Since 1963, Biuged Instruments develops professional, precise and cost-effective testing instruments for the coatings and inks industry. Through advanced science and technology, Biuged continuously performs research and development to improve product performance which ensures quality products for our clients. 

Biuged's business provides a full series of testing instruments for paint, coating and ink, calibration and measurement services, design for professional laboratories, and training for quality inspectors and laboratory certifications

Covering an area of 10,000 square meters for R&D center and factory, Biuged is the largest manufacturer of testing instruments for coatings and inks. Moreover, we are the first company to develop and produce professional standard test-grade substrates in China. The Biuged group of companies is composed of the following subsidiaries:  Biuged Laboratory Instruments (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd., Biuged Laboratory Instruments (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., Biuged Instruments Trading Co.,Ltd., Rinco Calibration and Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. At present, we have more than 150 employees, including more than 60 with bachelor degrees or above and more than 40 technical engineers. Biuged has more than 68 sales agents all over the world.  We are the only manufacturer of coating instruments in China whose products all have been certified conform the European CE standards. 

We keep the maximum investment in research and development. The Biuged R&D team consists of many engineers experienced in areas such as coating quality testing, electromechanical industry, automation technology and precision machining. 

Using the latest testing technology and standards, Biuged has launched more than 30 innovating testing instruments in China, which include 10 technical patents and intellectual property rights. Product quality is Biuged’s core value. Our products are in accordance with international standards, such as ISO, ASTM, EN, BS and our manufacturing process is subject to the strictest quality control procedures. For each product produced by Biuged, its original inspection records are being kept for at least three years. At present, our calibration laboratory is the first and only third-party institution approved by CNAS/ILAC in China that specializes in calibration and measurement services for coating and paint testing instruments.

In order to control our product quality and accuracy, Biuged only selects technical components of world-class manufacturers to always keep a high reliability and quality for each product.  We make continuous efforts to enhance our instruments’ functions, and to ensure clients obtain a high reproducibility and comparability of test results. 

As a main member of the Technical Committee for Standardization of Coatings and Paints (TC5), Biuged is involved in draft and revision work of Chinese governmental standards and our staff attends several important academic meetings every year. We have drafted over 50 national standards related with testing methods for paint and coating. With an outstanding reputation and leading position in this field, Biuged has received numerous awards like “TC5 Advanced Member”, “Famous Brand of Coatings Instruments”, “Certificate of Tax Credit Rating: Class A”. etc.

“Quality First, Customer First” is Biuged’s most important principle. Our strategic policy of "Precise · Passionate · Professional" and "More Accurate, More Efficient" guides us forward.

With almost 60 years' experience as leading manufacturer of testing instruments, our professional and dedicated team, and our high management standards, Biuged sincerely looks forward to working with you by offering the best products and services for the paint, coating and ink industry.


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