New Product | BGD 227/V Automatic Panel Spray Cabinet

Release date:2022-04-29

Laboratory needs to prepare a huge number of uniform coating test panels during the coating performance testing, and the coating results of traditional manual spraying mainly depends on the operator's experience and skills. So it is not only difficult to ensure the uniformity of the coating (especially when spraying a large area of tested panel), but also it have a certain risk to harm operator's health and environment because of improper spraying operation. Biuged developed this Automatic Panel Spray Cabinet considering this situation and combined with other products in market, which has the following advantages:

BGD 227-V.png

 With 10-inch touch screen, powerful visual operation.

 The machine applied servo control system, the horizontal, vertical or cross spraying methods can be selected. The panel holder can rotate 90 degrees, which makes the coating more uniform. And the spraying area can be set freely, which will reduce the waste and save spraying time.

 User can edit and save several spraying programs in machine, which can set the parameters such as spraying speed, spraying pressure, atomizing, feeding and interval, etc. User also can preset the intelligent spraying programs, which will help the operators who are not familiar with spraying operation to complete spraying with one key.

 12pcs of 150mm×70mm panels can be sprayed at one time.

 The panel holder is easy to be disassembled, and panels can be quickly replaced. With magnetic panel holder and vacuum panel holder, the machine can be used for substrates of different materials.

 Equipped with dual spray gun. Applied imported Graco LVMP automatic spray gun with nozzle diameter of 1.0mm. 

 Easy-to-clean design, filter and scrap tray are slide-out structure. The cabinet is designed with a three-door structure, which is convenient to clean. The container adopts the disposable bottle.

 The cabinet is clean and inclosed. Equipped with air inlet filter system, it not only makes the spraying environment clean and the exhaust gas of paint mist is filtered, but also keeps the operators and mist completely separated, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. 

 There are 30 layers of dust pads on both sides of the inwall. If the residual paint adheres too much, it can be torn off directly, which reduces the cleaning trouble caused by spraying paint around.

 Equipped with alarm system for flammable gas, improves the safety of the test.

 Equipped with the function of door limit switch. When the door is opened, the machine stops running, which can protect the safety of operators.

227-V 喷枪2.png

Introduction video:

Operation video:

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