Rotational Abrasion Tester

BGD 523 Rotational Abrasion Tester is applicable to determine abrasion resistance performance of various coatings. It is also used to determine abrasion resistance of paper, plastic, textile fabric, decorations, etc.

        The principle of abrasion derived by the test sample, turning on a vertical axis, against the sliding rotation of 2 Abrading Wheels. The wheels are driven by the sample in opposite directions about a horizontal axis displaced tangentially from the axis of the sample. One of the abrading wheel rubs the specimen outward toward the periphery and the other wheel, inward to the centre. The area of abrasion from a pattern of crossed arcs of about

        The degree of abrasion for the specimen also depends on the load force500g,750g or 1000g on each armbeing acted onto the axial of the 2Arms,which has a load pressure of 250g

        It confirms to DIN 52347 53109 53754 53799
                              ISO 5470, 9352, 3573, 4586-2,7784-2
                              ASTM C217, D1044, D3389,D4060,D5342


Can select many different sorts abrasion medium for different tests

Specimen turntable speed control options of both 60 rpm and 72 rpm.

LCD display for accurate and convenient setting and monitoring to the whole test.

Three different precise stainless steel weights500g, 750g, 1000gensure the different requirements for different loads.Weights are marked to show total load on each wheel. This marking includes the weight of the abrading arm 250 grams

 Abrading arms and fixing sleeve of abrading wheel hav been calibrated and balanced before leaving factory.
A vacuum system is included and equipped with cleaner to move the loose abrading’s or any dirt

 A precision vacuum nozzle adjustment control allows the height to be modified for accommodating varying specimen thickness.

A Quick Release Mounting Hub permits quick wheel mounting without the need of a locking nut.

Equipped with S-11 Resurfacing medium disc from Taber company

Equipped with a pair of standard abrasive rubber wheel CS-10 or CS-17 from Taber company

BGD 523-01.jpg

BGD 523-06.jpg

BGD 523-03.jpg

 Platform speed60±2r/min or 72±2r/min

 Range of count 09,999 times

 Specimen size requirementΦ100mm×Φ8mmcenter hole×3mmThicknessBGD 522→20mm25mmBGD 523→05mm

Dimension of abrasive sheetΦ50mm×Φ16mmcenter hole×13mm

Load weight500g-750g-1000g

Main motor power25W 220V 50Hz

Overall Size260mm×410mm×280mmL×W×H

 Net Weight20KG

Ordering Information

BGD 522---Rotational Abrasion Tester for wood

BGD 523---Rotational Abrasion Testerfor paint film

CS-10---Taber Abrading Wheels(For Organic coatings, plastics, textiles, leather)

CS-17---Taber Abrading Wheels(For Anodized aluminum, powder coatings, ceramics, plastics and enamels)

S-11---Taber Refacing Disc (150 grit abrasive paper, typically used for refreshing resilient wheels.100 mm diameter with a 6.35 mm center hole ,100 pcs )

BGD 1368---180 # Emery cloth stripe (pack of 100)

BGD 1372---Fixing ring for soft specimen.

BGD 2601---Glass Panel with circular hole(pack of 100)

BGD 2328---Aluminum Panel with circular hole(pack of 100)
BGD 2339---Standard Zinc Panle for calibration(pack of 10)

Introduction Video

Operation Video

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