Universal Material Tensile Machine

        IntroductionBGD 570/571 Universal Material Tensile Machine is a new type of material machine which combines the electronic technology and mechanical transmission. It has wide accuracy acceleration and test force rangenot only measuring and controlling the load and displacement in higher accuracy and sensitivelybut also doing the control test by automatically of isokinetic load and displacement. It operates easily and convenientlyespecially applied in inspect instruments which is used for controlling products of produce line. This series of tensile machine is mainly suit for non-metal and metal test with test load less than 20KNBGD 570or 50KNBGD 571.

The electronic universal material testing machine is mainly suitable for testing metal and non-metal materialssuch as rubberplasticwire and cableoptical fiber cableseat beltsafety beltleather belt composite materialPVCwaterproof coiled materialsteel pipecopper materialsection barspring steelbearing steelstainless steel and other high hardness steels),castingssteel platessteel belts and non-ferrous metal wires. To test their functions which include stretchingcompressionbendingshearingstrippingtearingtwo-point extensionadditional extension meter is requiredetc.

StandardsISO 527, ISO 604, ISO 178, ISO 1209, ASTM D 638, ASTM D 903
High precision sensoruse high precision ball screw as driving mechanism
Frequency of collecting data200 times/second
Can store many testing results of referenced points, calculate average value automatically, grab automatically max. value, force value at break.
Set range of break point proportion099% and can set freely according to different samples, accomplish stopped status at different position.
Safety DeviceOver loading, Emergency shut down, limitation device for above travel and under travel.
Collect date synchronously, conversable full 24 bits AD codes,, resolution arrives 1/500,000, surpass all competitors.
More than one thousand clamps and grippers for selection.
Support multi-sensors, can equip with a few sensors at the same time for different range.

 User can calculate elastic modulusyield pointconstant residual strengthconstant elongationconstant force deformation and maximum strength. There are other special professional calculationssuch as the calculation of belt stripping and the elongation at yield point.

 Optional measure and control system of professional test machinewhich can realize the closed loop of force valuedeformation and positionso that the tensile machine can carry out curve control tests freelysuch as low frequency cyclefatigueteststep test and force value holdingcreeptest.


Measure and Control System →

Function ↓

Standard open-loop control system

standard configuration

Standard open-loop control system


Position displacement speed

Forceforce value speed




Multiple Control PositionforceDeformation control exchange


Cycle control



Measure and Control System Introduction
      We use newest system which was developed in 2008. With strong functions and convenient application such as language conversion, translate automatically testing results, units conversion, manage sample shape, manage users, process data, generate report etc.,  This system uses newest tools --Visual Studio .Net 2005 which is developed by Microsoft . With strong function and friendly windows, it become a developing tool for new generation operation system, and arrive more than 90% areas and population of global.

BGD 570-02.jpg

The Characteristics of Software:

Operating interface attached with graphimageintuitive and convenient to useand it will decrease the operation error by voice mentionedimproving the reliability at the same time.

MS-ACCESS database technology and SQL technologyit is not only applied for data preservation and processing standardizationbut also convenient for connecting to Intranet or Internet. It can also connect Word or Excel etc software easily. User can read original test data just through standard database.

Modular programmingVBScript can enlarge the user’s reporter and parameter program by automatic calculation. User can develop by secondaryit can realize stretchingcompressionbendingtearingstrippingshearing etc test functions except for software bag.

The curve graph functionthrough modular programmingreal-time curve graphs will be displayed during the testand parameter types can be selected for the coordinate axis of curve graphs. In theorythere are 169 kinds of graphsfrom which parameters can be displayed.

Multi-sensor supportit can support 5 force value sensors5 deformation sensors + large deformation + displacementwhich expanded the test range greatly.

NOTE: The minimum requirements of PC: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 operating system, USB2.0/ USB3.0 interface, CPU 3.0 GHz, 4 GB of memory, 100 GB of hard disk, wide screen color display (the minimum resolution: 1366*768).

Three-way independent simulant input channel, 24 bits AD converter, gain amplifier controlled by program.

Use USB 2.0 insulated photoelectricity to connect computer, reduce disturb and increase reliability.

Unit for testing force uses the newest high-speed, high resolution, high precision, no dividual grade AD converter which can arrive ±500000 fractionized codes. Its superior to six grades amplifier and reach or approach advanced international standards.

Unit for testing big distortion:this system use high-speed circuit system to accomplish four-quadrant collection of photoelectric encoder, solve all influence to testing results because of dithering under low speed and redirection thoroughly, and increase four times resolution to big distortion of test machine big distortion.

Unit for testing displacement:use high-speed circuit system to accomplish four-quadrant collection of photoelectric encoder, solve all influence to testing results because of dithering under low speed and redirection thoroughly, and increase four times resolution to big distortion of test machine big distortion.

Unit for controlling speed:full digital controlling unit and its speed regulation ratio arrive 1:500000, namely 0.001 ~ 500mm/min(precision : 0.1%), and can be tested under the whole range.

Main Technical Parameters

Ordering Information

Technical Parameters

BGD 570

Universal Material Tensile Machine

BGD 571

Universal Material Tensile Machine

Max. Range optional

100N200N500N1KN2KN5KN10KN,(can be extended to 20KN


Precision Grade

Grade 1

Measuring Range of Test Force

1%~100FSfull range

Display Error of Test Force

Within ±1% indicating value/

Within ±0.5% indicating value

Resolution of Test Force

±1/500000 of max. force There is no grade in the whole processand keep the constant resolution throughout the whole process.

Load Sensor

Standard configured one tension and pressure sensor maximum load;

Up to 5 sensors can be added.

Valid Test Width



can be widened as required

Valid Tensile Space excludes clamp


can be lengthen as required


can be lengthen as required

Test Speed

0.001500 mm/min

0.001400 mm/min

Display Error of Displacement

Within ±0.5%Indicating Value/ Within ±0.2%Indicating Value

Control System of Deformation


A. Large deformation measure systemthe minimum gauge distance is 10mmthe deformation range is 800mm.

B. Small deformation measure systemgauge distance25mm50mm100mm; deformation range5mm10mm25mm  

Control Accuracy of Deformation Speed

Within ±0.5% of indicating value large deformation or small deformation can be selected by customers

Safety Device

Electronic limit protection

Lifting Device of Working Platform

Fast/slow speed automatic controlcan move by yourself

Return Function

Manual or automatic. After the test is completedit returns to the initial position at the highest speed.

Overload Protection

If the maximum load exceeds 10%the machine will be automatically stopped.


A set of clamp special clamps can also be designed according to the customers’ sample specifications.

Overall Size

700 x 530mx 2200mm L x W x D

880mx 530x 1800mm L x W x D

Power System

Servo machine + ZNT high accuracy ball screw

Servo machine + transmission + high accuracy ball screw

Power Supply



0.4 KW

1.0 KW


300 KG

380 KG

Optional Accessories

BGD 570/K---Low temperature tensile test chamber

BGD 1530---Bond strength pulling head 40mm×40mm

BGD 1531---Bond strength pulling head 50mm×50mm

BGD 1550---Elongation DeviceAlso call big deformation device, measure breaking elongationonly available BGD 574see NOTE)

BGD 1551---Tensile small range sensor500KG

BGD 1552---Tensile big range senso500KG

BGD 1553---Pneumatic Cutting MachineUsed to cut different type samples

BGD 1554---Cutter for dumb-bell sampleFor tensile strength

BGD 1555---Cutter for right angle tear sampleFor tear strength

BGD 1700---Plane clamp

BGD 1701---Eccentric wheel clamp

BGD 1702---Wedge clamp for metal

BGD 1703---Wedge clamp for hard plastic

BGD 1704---Film clamp


NOTE: About the elongation of test materials

The displacement measure systemwhich is contained in tensile machineonly measures the moving distance of the crossbeam. If you need to measure the elongation of materialssuch as elastic coatings or rubber productsadditional large deformation device is required.

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