Rub Resistance Tester

BGD 630 Rub Resistance Tester is applicable in rub abrasion resistance test of printing works, light sensitive layer of PS boards, and coating layers of relative products. It can help users to analyze the affairs of lower abrasion assistance, ink layer falling-off, lower printable of PS boards, and rigid of coating layers of other products.

 Wide voltage range design(110-220V50/60Hz), good compatibility

 Adjustable variable speed5~95 c.p.mstepless speed regulation

 Micro-computer control, LCD displays data.

 Parameters set freely and permanently storage.

 Control and resolve the problems of low bad abrasion resistance and easy falling-off of ink layer

of printing works.

 By test, controls production technique efficiently, avoids loss of goods returns caused by bad quality.

 The specimen's coating and receptor rub each other under specified speed and pressure load. Determine the abrasion of coating or ink layer by testing the decrement of coating concentration or decrement of coating thickness.


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 Motor Power50W  110V220V  50/60Hz

Rubbing Pressure10±0.1 N abrasive head,1pc);10±0.1 N additional weight,1pc

 Rubbing Speed:(5-95times/min.stepless speed regulation

Rubber Pads Size 25mm L x 50 mm Wx 8mm H

Rubber Pads Hardness 50Hs53Hs

 Rubber Medium80g/m2 clean coated paper, the width is 50mm

 Rubbing Distance60mm
We also can offer special rubbing distance as 100mm,120mm and 155mm

Settable Rubbing Times 0~9,999

Suitable Specimen Size 300 mm L x 60 mm W

 Overall Dimension275mm×305mm×340mm length by width by height


Ordering InformationBGD 630---Rub Resistance Tester

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