BGD 748 Handheld Homogenizer is a high speed dispersing instrument. It is based on the Rotor/Stator Technology. The shaft and rotor/stator can be disassembled for easy cleaning. You will receive the dispersing tools completely assembled for immediate use with your dispenser. This product is for laboratory use only and is used in mainly in biotechnology and human andveterinary medicine and clinical medicine and is suitable among other application for disruption of cells.

The drive unit can be used, based on the dispersing shaft used for volumes from 0.1ml to 50ml with the 5mm shaft or from 1ml to 250ml with the10mm shafts.



◆ Ideal for manual operation due to its light weight and ergonomic design

◆ Processing range: 0.1-50ml or 1-250ml

◆ 316L stainless steel shafts are fully autoclavable and inert for highly corrosive solutions

◆ All shafts are interchangeable for easy dismantling and cleaning.

◆ 10 modes of motor speed from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm

Main Technical Parameters

 Voltage220V240V/50Hz60Hz or 110V120V/50Hz60Hz

 Motor TypeUniversal motor):160W/AC carbon brush motor

 Speed Range8,00032,000 r.p.m

 Max. Circum. Speed6.314m /sec

 Speed Control Dial knob10 stage

 Working Volume0.1ml50ml for BGD 748/11.0ml250ml for BGD 748/2

 Weight0.54 KG

 Noise72 dB(A)

 Max. Viscosity5,000mPa.s

 Material of Dispersing ShaftSS 316L stainless steel, PTEE

 Operating Environment0°C - 40°C85% relative humidity

 Protection ClassIP20

 Dimensions45mm x 55mm x 190mm

 Ordering Information:

BGD 748/1---Handheld Homogenizer(includes a BGD 748 drive, a H Stand and a BGD 1446 dispersing shaft 5mm)

BGD 748/2---Handheld Homogenizer(includes a BGD 748 drive, a H Stand and a BGD 1447 dispersing shaft 10mm)

Optional Accessories

BGD 1446---Dispersing shaft 5mmfor solid/liquid media and volumes from 0.1-50ml

BGD 1447---Dispersing shaft 10mm, for solid/liquid media and volumes from 1- 250ml

BGD 748-02.jpg

                                         BGD 1446               

BGD 748-03.jpg

                                         BGD 1447

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