Lab Horizontal Sand Mill

          BGD 757 Lab Horizontal Sand Mill is a small and efficient machine for grinding nano materials. It adopts a fully closed structure and a dynamic separation system, its grinding disc is the structure of ceramic disc type and can use grinding media in the range of 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm. This machine is used for wet ultra-fine grinding of solid particulate materials dispersed in liquid, and is suitable for multiple grinding or cyclic grinding and dispersing operations. This machine can make the materials achieve the effects of ultra-fine grinding and dispersion in a very short time (the fineness can reach 2um -15 um).

          This machine is very suitable for high speed grinding of small batch water-basedsamples (0.5 kg ~ 1 kg) in laboratory. The machine can grind products of similar size and evenly distributed. It is characterized by simple operation and easy maintenance, convenient cleaning and low energy consumption. 


All materials of machine in contact with materials adopt advanced wear-resistant materials (zirconia, silicon carbide, special wear-resistant steel), with long service life and no discoloration phenomenon.

Simple appearance, modular design, compact structure and convenient operation

The separation method adopts dynamic separation of dynamic sheets and static sheets, which can offer self-cleaning function and no blockage phenomenon.

Feed in self-circulation mode and discharge in self-suction mode without pump.

 The machine front install discharge valve which can reduce residuum and clean easily.

Flexible working mode, less waste of materials, convenient disassembly and assembly, fast conversion of experimental formula.


Ceramic Sand Mill Blade with Disk Structure


Water pipe systemGrinding medium adding system

Main Technical Parameters:

Grinding Chamber Volume: 0.35 L

Capacity: 0.5L~0.8L

Working Speed: 0 rpm~1425 rpm

Recommended Grinding Medium Diameter:1.0 mm ~ 2.0 mm.

Grinding Medium Weight: 0.8KG ~ 0.9KG

 Main Part Material: The material of internal grinding chamber are wear-resisting alloy steel and carborundum, the material of grinding disk is advanced wear-resisting ceramic zirconia.

Motor Power: 0.75 KW

Consumption of Circulating Cooling Water: (0.4 ~ 0.6) m3/h

 Overall Size: 650mm×400mm×500mm (L×W×H) /65KG

Power Supply: 220V 50HZ

 Ordering Information: BGD 757---Lab Horizontal Sand Mill

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