Xenon Test Chamber(New)

Xenon Test Chamber(New)

BGD 860 is a powerful, highly cost-effective, easy to use and convenient to maintain xenon test chamber.  It uses an imported air-cooled xenon lamp and relevant daylight filter,  to simulate more real and much better the full spectrum sun light of outdoor, ensure the test results obtained from laboratory have a perfect correlation with outdoor application. Furthermore, the samples holder is designed with a special rotating drum to ensure each sample can obtain the same and uniform irradiance during the whole test.

BGD 860 Xenon Test Chamber can meet with all standards requirements from different fields, it can hold 22 pieces samples, not only has spray function, but also can control the relative humidity of working room.

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Working Room

Operator can set all required test parameters Irradiance, test time, BPT, BST etcthrough the touch screen, and can check its running status at any time. All running parameters can be exported to computer directly through the USB interface.



 Xenon lamps imported from America can ensure the test results have a good repeatability and comparability.

Special rotating-drum design for samples holder ensure each sample can obtain the same and uniform irradiance during the whole test.

Irradiance energy can be accurately controlled. The "Closed-Loop" control system can automatically compensate the change of light intensity caused by ageing or other factors.

Can choose narrow band at 340nm or at 420nmor broad bandfrom 300nm400nm or from 300nm800nmto control irradiance.

Affordable air-cooled xenon lamp, the lifetime can reach 1,500 hours.

Can choose three different filtersDaylight, Window glass, Extended UV to meet different test requirements.

The test procedures can be programmed freely; can set 10 programs and save 6 predetermined programs in one time. Every program includes up to 10 segments for setting parameters.

Can set and control precisely and automatically the relative humidity of working room.

Can set the cumulative energy total irradiance energyobtained by sample to finish a test procedure. 

With spray function, can set spray time and spray interval time.

Users can easily calibrate and adjust the irradiance or the black panel temperature by themselves.

With High precision Pt100 Temperature sensor. BPTblack panel temperature, BSTblack standard temperatureand working room temperature can be set and controlled precisely and automatically during the whole process

Alarm and protection functionOver temperatureBPTBSTWorking room, big deviation of irradianceshortage of spraying water, abnormal lamp powerbig error of humidity.

Touch screen and user-friendly operation interface allow operator to set the test parameters and monitor all the test process easily.

Real-time data can be collected and recorded. The incidental USB connector allow users to download the test dataEXCEL formatdirectly, achieving unattended operation.

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 Xenon LampOne 1.8 kW xenon lamp imported from America

 FilterDaylight filter Also can choose extended UV filter or window glass filter

 Lamp Lifetime: Near 1,500 hours

 Exposure Area2,200 cm2 (can put 22 pcs samples of 150×70mm size)

 Adjustable Irradiance Range

0.3~0.75 W/m2 (Single point of control:340nm)
0.5~1.35 W/m2 (Single point of control:420nm)

30 W/m2~90 W/m2 (Full spectrum :from 300~400nm)

 Controlling irradiance point340nm or 420nm or 300nm400nmshow at the same time

 Adjustable Black Panel Temperature RangeRT100

 Adjustable Working room Temperature RangeRT65

 Adjustable relative humidity of working room10%75%Light);10%95%Dark);

 Overall Size860mm×800mm×1770mm

 Net Weight200KG

 Power SupplyAC 380VThree-phase four-wire system/ 50HZMax. Current 16 A

 Total Machine Power5.5KW

 Requirements of Compressed airCleanoilless compressed air with 0.5MPa pressureMax. air supply is near 60L/min. Average air consumption is 10L/min30L/minDepends on testing standard

 Ordering Information:

BGD 860---Xenon Test Chamber

Test Standards     
ISO 11341Paints and varnishes-Artificial weathering and exposure to artificial radiation--Exposure to filtered xenon-arc radiation

ISO 12040 Graphic Technology - Prints and Printing Inks - Assessment of Light Fastness Using Filtered Xenon Arc Light

ISO 16474-1 Paints and varnishes -- Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources -- Part 1: General guidance

ISO 16474-2 Paints and varnishes -- Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources -- Part 2: Xenon-arc lamps

ASTM D3451 Standard Guide for Testing Coating Powders and Powder Coatings

ASTM D3794Standard Guide for Testing Coil Coatings

ASTM D4303 Standard Test Methods for Lightfastness of Pigments Used in Artists' Paints

ASTM D5010 Standard Guide for Testing Printing Inks and Related Materials

ASTM D6577 Standard Guide for Testing Industrial Protective Coatings

ASTM D6695 Standard Practice for Xenon-Arc Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings

ASTM G151Standard Practice for Exposing Nonmetallic Materials in Accelerated Test Devices that

Use Laboratory Light Sources 

ASTM G155Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials

ISO 4892-1 Plastics – Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources – Part 1: General guidance

ISO 4892-2Plastics - Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources - Part 2: Xenon-arc lamps

SAE J2412 Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Interior Trim Components Using a Controlled Irradiance Xenon-Arc Apparatus

BGD 8150---American Xenon Lamps 1.8 KW

BGD 8170---Pure Water Machine50L/h

BGD 8179---Air Compression SystemIncludes air compressorair reservoirfreezing dryerprecise filter etc

BGD 8183---Daylight Filter

BGD 8184---Window Glass Filter

BGD 8185---Extended UV filter

   See Xenon Calibration Radiometer

BGD 8140-2019A.jpg

  BGD 8140

BGD 8170.jpg

   BGD 8170

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