Accessories of Viscometer

BGD 1601 Accessories of Viscometer 拷贝.jpg

THD Series----Low Temperature Thermostatic Bath(See page XXXX)

BGD 1600----Standard Oil(500ml/See page 11)

BGD 1601----Low Viscosity Adapter(The 0th rotor and can measure 1.0mPa.s sample)

BGD 1602----Small Sample Adapter(It’s specially designed for customers with small samples and requires only a quantity as small as 5~18ml;Sample cup is easily cleaned, installed, removed, and observed;Accurate data of shear rate and shear stress can be obtained for a minute analysis of the fluid characteristics of the sample;One-off sample cups are available)

BGD 1603----Mini Single Color Printer

BGD 1604----RTD Thermometer(-20℃~150℃)

BGD 1605----Thermoses(It has been designed to accurately measure the viscosity of heated oil, paraffin, asphalt emulsions, medicine, high polymer and similar liquid materials at high temperatures. It allows control of a sample’s temperature at a range of room temperature +300℃. It can program the intelligent thermostat and ensures its temperature fluctuation within 0.1℃. Sample dosage is as small as 10ml, and one-off sample cups are available. Standard type of SC4 spindle can be applied, which is easy to use)

BGD 1606---- BGD 156-157-158 Viscometer program control and off-line software(Can download computer control program to viscometer and run it off-line. Suggest use it together with BGD 1603 Mini Single Color Printer)

BGD 1607----BGD 155 Viscometer data collection and graphing software(Automated data collection; resulting in viscometer graph, and recording measuring data each time;Allowing comparison of at most 10 history data;Output Excel documents)

BGD 1608----BGD 156-157-158 Viscometer data collection and programmed analysis software(Automated data collection and testing; resulting in viscometer graph, and recording measuring data each time;Allowing comparison of at most 10 history data;Output Excel documents;Programmable downloading, Offline working;Analyses data, draw charts and print)

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