Programmable Touch-screen Viscometer with Temperature Control

Programmable Touch-screen Viscometers with Temperature Control combine viscosity measurement and temperature control in one machine. It break the current way to measure viscosity which need use thermostatic bath, viscometer and small amount sample adapter separately.

Measuring samples  viscosity change under different conditions is very useful for estimating its rheological behavior, while controlling sample temperature precisely is helpful for getting an accurate and comparable test result.The most obvious advantage of this machine is controlling sample temperature precisely during the whole test. Its temperature controlling system consists of semiconductor and a built-in automatic optimization progamme of temperature control. The temperature controlling precision can reach ±0.1℃. Operator can control sample temperature  not only by machine, but also by optional software, has a excellent flexible operation.    

 Consists of 7 inch wide touch screen viscometer, small amount sample adapter(SSR), cylindrical sample sleeve and SC4 rotor, tempeater controller.

 BGD 157 can display shear rate and shear stress, can fulfil a precise measurement under a certain shear rate.

 Only need 2ml16ml samplethe cylindrical structure of SC4 rotor can offer a precise viscosity measurement

 Electrical lifting and presice location, SSR is easy assembly and disassembly, convenient to clean.

 SSR fits temperature controller closely, can ensure a precise constant temperature to sample.

 Small amount sample, rotor stir action can minimize the non-uniformity of sample temperature, shorten greatly sample hydrothermal time.

The other features of Viscometer is same as Programmable Touch-screen Viscometer.

bgd 157-t-01.jpg

bgd 157-t-02.jpg

Ordering Information 


BGD 156/TS


BGD 157/TS


    Measurement Range

BGD 156/TS1:  5-330K

BGD 156/TS2:  50-3.3M

BGD 156/TS3:  100-6.6M

BGD 156/TS4:  400-26.4M

BGD 157/TS1:  5-1M

BGD 157/TS2:  25-10M

BGD 157/TS3:  50-20M

BGD 157/TS4:  200-80M

R.P.M (per min)




Measure   viscosity

Measure   viscosity, shear rate, shear stress

Software (Optional)

   BGD 1607 Data collection and graphing    software

       BGD 1608 Data collection and graphing      software

Temp. Control Method

Set single point temperature

Rise temperature by programme

Rotor Amount

Standard SC4-21#27#28#29#

SC4-14151618253134 is optional





±1.0% (of the full range)


±0.5% (of the full range)

Temperature Range



Input AC100-240V, 50Hz/60HzOutput DC17V 1.2A

Package Weight

20 Kg

Package Size

490×360×600 mm






THD Series----Low Temperature Thermostatic Bath
BGD 1600----Standard Oil

BGD 1601----Low Viscosity AdapterThe 0th rotor and can measure 1.0 mPa.s sample

BGD 1602----Small Sample AdapterIt’s specially designed for customers with small samples and requires only a quantity as small as 518mlSample cup is easily cleaned, installed, removed, and observedAccurate data of shear rate and shear stress can be obtained for a minute analysis of the fluid characteristics of the sampleOne-off sample cups are available

BGD 1603----Mini Single Color Printer

BGD 1604----RTD Thermometer-20℃~120℃)

BGD 1605----ThermosesIt has been designed to accurately measure the viscosity of heated oil, paraffin, asphalt emulsions, medicine, high polymer and similar liquid materials at high temperatures. It allows control of a sample’s temperature at a range of room temperature +300. It can program the intelligent thermostat and ensures its temperature fluctuation within 0.1. Sample dosage is as small as 10ml, and one-off sample cups are available. Standard type of SC4 spindle can be applied, which is easy to use

BGD 1606---- BGD 156-157-158 Viscometer program control and off-line softwareCan download computer control program to viscometer and run it off-line. Suggest use it together with BGD 1603 Mini Single Color Printer

BGD 1608----BGD 156-157-158 Viscometer data collection and programmed analysis softwareAutomated data collection and testing resulting in viscometer graph, and recording measuring data each timeAllowing comparison of at most 10 history dataOutput Excel documentsProgrammable downloading, Offline workingAnalyses data, draw charts and print

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