Opacity Meter/ Intelligent Reflectometer

Opacity Meter is our newest portable product. It is controlled by microcomputer and has many functions such as measuring data, data storage, dealing with data and searching for data etc.

This meter is used to measure the opacity, or luminous reflectance, of a grey scale. Suitable for the evaluation of a coatings hiding power, or simple shade sorting tasks of metallized films, anodized aluminum or ceramics. It can calculate the contrast ratio(opacity) and store it. The operator can call up the data when required. It complies with ISO 2814,ISO 3906 , ISO 6504,BS 3900 and DIN 55984.

 Small and light, easily portable.

 No need to warm up and can work immediately after powering on.

 Calibrate automatically:judge zero point and calibrate with the white board automatically.

 With USB interface and software for transmitting data.

 One 1.5V alkaline Battery can be used for almost 60 hours and 100,000 reading.

 Long-term stable light source needs no replacing.

 With simple test mode and Statistics-Mode.

 Calculate the reflectance value automatically.

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Main Technical Parameters

Working Angle45°(irradiate),0°(receive);CIE Illuminant C

 Range of Measurement0-99.9% 


 Accuracy±1 unit or 1% of full scale

 Repeatability 0.5%

 Power SupplyOne 1.5V alkaline battery or rechargeable

 Window Size: 12mm×17mm (ellipse)


 Testing Environment10℃40℃, relative humidity should not be over 85%.

 Ordering Information:

BGD 583---Opacity Meter

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