Table Conductivity Meter

Description: Conductivity is also called electrical conductivity, which is the main parameter used to describe the fluidity of positive charge in a liquid. Generally, it is used to measure the purity of water. The conductivity of water has a certain relationship with the amount of inorganic acid, alkali and salt. When the concentration is low, the conductivity increases with the increase of concentration. Therefore, this index is often used to estimate the total concentration or salt content of ions in water. In the coating industry, electrical conductivity is an important parameter for water paint.



 High resolution LCD display screen, 6.0 inches.

 Automatic shutdown, power-off protection and factory reset. The meter is IP54 waterproof.

 Equipped with conductivity electrode, electrode stand, dust coverfor intelligent detection and automatic recognition.

 Determine the endpoint intelligently, can set the balanced measurement mode and continuous measurement mode.

 Automatic/Manual temperature compensation

 Automatically recognize four GB conductivity standard solutions, also can calibrate the conductivity electrode at one point.

 Automatic frequency switching, equipped with 1.0 constant electrode to cover the full range measurement data management and information tracing.

 With data storage (50 sets), querying and delete functions.

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Main Technical Parameters

■ Conductivity Range0.00μS/cm~200.0mS/cm

■ Resolution: 0.01 μ S/cm minimum, various with range selection

■ Accuracy: ±1.0%F.S.

■ Temperature Range: -5.0℃~110.0

 Temperature Resolution: 0.1

 Temperature Accuracy: ±0.2

 Power: AC Adapter, 100V-240V AC input, DC9V output

 Dimensions/ Weight: 200mm×160mm×63mm/600g

Ordering Information

BGD 291---Precise Table Conductivity Meter

BGD 1175/1---DJS-1VTC Conductivity Electrode

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