Portable Conductivity Meter

BGD 293 portable conductivity Meter is used widely for laboratory or field measurement of the conductivity of liquid.

Built-in microprocessor chips, intelligent functions such as automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, function set-up, automatic power-off and low voltage display.

 Automatic identification of 8 conductivity standard calibration solutions, two options of standard calibration solutions: Europe and America series and China series.

 Adopt advanced conductivity measurement technology, use conductivity electrode of constant K=1, only need one point calibration and meet the measurement precision requirement of 0.5μS/cm ~ 200 mS/cm.

 Ability to switch among conductivity, TDS, salinity and resistivity. Multinomial calculation for TDS and salinity to ensure the conversion precision of the full scale.

 Conductivity measurement mode has the function of non-linear temperature compensation for high purity water.

 Plastic conductivity electrode with automatic temperature compensation, fast response and accurate result.

 Meter meets IP57 rating waterproof standard, equipped with calibration solution and portable case.

Main Technical Parameters

 Measuring Range 0 ~ 2 × 105 μ S / cm

 Resolution0.01/0.1/1μS/cm 0.01/0.1 mS/cm

 AccuracyMeter:±1.0% FS, Overall:±1.5% FS

 Temp. compensation range:(0 ~ 50)℃(Automatic)

 Data Storage200 groups Series number, measuring value measuring unit and temperature

 PowerTwo AA batteries (1.5V x2)

 Meter size and weight120mm×65mm×31mmL×W×H);180g

 Package size and weight:250mm×210mm×50mmL×W×H);1.6KG
 Standard kit includes

BGD 293 pH/mV meter 1 unit

Plastic conductivity electrode  (1 pc)

1,413μS/cm conductivity standard solution (50mL)

Spare AA batteries 2 pcs

 Ordering informationBGD 293---Portable Conductivity Meter

BGD 1175/3---Plastic conductivity electrode

BGD 1176/3---Glass conductivity electrode

BGD 1174/1---84 μS/cm Conductivity Standard Solution250ml or 500ml

BGD 1174/2---1413 μS/cm Conductivity Standard Solution250ml or 500ml

BGD 1174/3---12.88 mS/cm Conductivity Standard Solution250ml or 500ml

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