Introduction&Operation Video | BGD 746 Super High Speed Dispersing Machine

Release date:2022-08-12

BGD 746 Super High Speed Dispersing Machine integrates super high-speed dispersion, stirring and automatic control of lift distance. It can meet the application requirements of customers for super high-speed dispersion and homogeneous emulsification, with the excellent dispersion and emulsification effects, as well as high dispersing efficiency. In addition, this machine is operated by a large-size touch screen, which is powerful, convenient and practical.

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 Super high-speed motor: The max. speed can reach 20,000 r/min. Bigger torque, lower noise and lower power consumption.

 The max. lift distance can reach 300mm. Servo system for locating can precisely feedback the height information in real time.

 Dispersing blade can be set to stay at the required height, which is suited to different sizes of dispersing containers or different material levels. At the same time, the use safety can be improved. 

 In the whole dispersing process, the dispersing blade can stir circularly between the set upper and lower limit. The lift distance and speed can also be set. Greatly improve the dispersion efficiency.

 With the 7-inch touch screen, the tip speed, torque ratio and the height of dispersing blade can be displayed in real time.

 Test parameters can be set, such as speed, run time, diameter, height, etc.

 Suitable for containers with the capacity of 0.5L-5L, and can meet more different test requirements.


Introduction video:

Operation video:

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